Thanks to Ján Sučan, the project web site has gotten a much-needed new look. Check it out at Many thanks to Ján for his hard work on this!
Here is a screenshot of the new About dialog, which shows KDar's capabilities. Comments welcome at
This weekend I made significant progress on the new user interface. Here are three screenshots of the latest KDar GUI look. The first shows the main window with the dockwidget layout. Very configurable. The next one shows preliminary work on a new configuration dialog. The last screenshot shows KDar embedded in Konqueror! Comments welcome at
Here is a screenshot of the latest KDar GUI concept. It's all based on KDockWidgets now. Comments welcome at
Work has begun on an archive manager concept. Please have a look at these previews and let me know what you think at
KDar-2.0.3 has been out for several days. It fixes a serious bug related to Extended Attributes support being disabled by default.
KDar-2.0.0 has been released. You can download it at
Sorry, folks, I realize that it's been quite awhile since I've updated the KDar pages. Lots has been happening since the previous post. We're in beta mode for KDar-2.0.0.

This version represents a lot of work over the past few months, both on the libdar side by Denis Corbin, and on the KDar side. We now have the ability to cleanly and quickly cancel archiving operations. KDar also has a new progress dialog, which is shown when creating a new archive.

Many bugs have been found and squashed too.
KDar-1.3.0 released. This version features a Spanish translation (courtesy Mauro Esteve) and a logging facility. Several bugs have been fixed as well. See the Changelog in the source distribution for details.
KDar-1.2.0 released. Many new features and a few bug-fixes compared to KDar-1.1.1.
CVS: KDar now reports the current slice and its size in the statusbar while creating archives.
KDar 1.2.0-beta1 released. This version represents another major code rewrite, this time involving a new configuration class. What does this mean for you? Now you can save your creation and restore settings into 'Backup profiles'. The contents of the message window can be sent to a printer, or they can be cleared. THIS IS BETA SOFTWARE. DO NOT USE THIS VERSION OF KDAR FOR RELIABLE BACKUPS. That said, I need people who are willing to test this software to give feedback about bugs, compilation problems, etc.
KDar 1.1.0 released. Welcome to the latest stable version of KDar. Yes, this project is alive and well. Go to the download section to get KDar-1.1.0, and to see the Changelog.
New archive creation Wizard added to CVS.
kdar-1.0.0 released. This marks the release of the first official stable version of KDar. Download at

You will need the new dar-2.1.0, available at
kdar-1.0-beta3 released. Now you can run arbitrary commands or scripts after each slice is made during a 'create archive' operation. Added credits and compilation info to the 'Help->About KDar...' dialog.
kdar-1.0-beta2 released. Now kdar compiles if you have largefile support enabled in libdar. This release also has some code cleanups courtesy Sven Bergner.
Thread-support for many of the libdar operations has been implemented in CVS. The reason for running these operations as threads is to maintain GUI responsiveness to user input
KDar is now in beta release (version 0.4). Sourcecode and prepackaged binaries (for Slackware 9.0, at least) will be available soon. KDar version 0.4 (beta) requires libdar API 2, which will soon be in prerelease (currently you can fetch dar-2.1.0_dev from cvs at the dar homepage).
I anticipate that a stable version of KDar (1.0) will be ready near the end of January 2004. Beta testers will be most welcome to try KDar and provide me with feedback.
These pages have just gotten implemented, so they are still under construction.
KDar version 0.3.4 was released on The site has been down for quite some time, so that is what prompted me to register kdar with sourceforge. KDar version 0.3.4 is based on Denis Corbin's libdar API 1, i.e. dar-2.0.0.